Dear Parent and Carers,

I am writing to thank you for your support during this important time in your child’s education. Your child has just completed their set of internal assessments to ascertain the next level of support that we will be offering them in preparation for the first PPE’s that will be taking place w/c 30th November. You will receive these interim reports containing their assessment and target grades to your child’s e-mail. You will receive a text once these have been sent.

Progress Evening

Following on from this, this Thursday is the year 11 progress evening which will take place under the current restrictions by a phone call from your child’s tutor between 4 and 6pm. The tutor will be able to explain to you the areas that your child needs to focus on in preparation for assessments after half term and the forthcoming PPE’s.

Revision Packs

Your child should now have brought home a revision pack containing a countdown to the GCSE’s and a revision timetable. They should have then filled in their own revision timetable so that your child’s knows what subject, day and time they will be doing their revision. They will also be bringing home this week a half term revision pack for English, Maths and Science. These need to be completed in half term and brought to their first English, Maths and Science lesson after half term. They will also receive an independent study pack for these subjects that they need to complete every week after half term, for four weeks in the build up to their PPE’s. Completion of these will therefore see an increase in your child’s progress from the current assessments that have just been completed.

This revision that your child has completed has been checked over the past two Mondays and will continue to be checked along with the half term revision pack and four week PPE preparation pack. Can you please encourage your child to complete the revision pack over the half term holiday and continue this by completing the four week revision pack up until the first PPE’s at the end of November.

These packs will be required to be out in every English, Maths and Science lesson, just like they would get out their planner and pencil case. Work within these lessons will be based upon these packs and so it is fundamentally important that these packs are completed in their revision sessions at home on the nights that they have indicted on their revision timetable.

Home Work

As well as the revision packs, your child should be completing work that staff are setting on Microsoft teams, along with accessing all the revision that is on this platform. GCSE pod is also an online resource that students should be completing as part of their revision schedule. Certain subjects have specific online resources that will also help them in their preparation for the PPE’s.

Maths for example uses the Pixl Maths app and Maths Genie. Science uses free science lessons and Kerboddle. I strongly recommend that you and your child access all the online resources that are available to them. These can be found via Microsoft teams and the home learning section on our website.

Important Dates

Please find below key dates for your diary, so you are aware of what we have planned for your child to maximise their outcomes.

  • Wednesday 21st October – Year 11 Interim Reports (sent by e-mail)
  • Thursday 22nd October – Year 11 Progress Evening (phone call by your child’s tutor)
  • w/c Monday 26th October – Half term revision packs in English, Maths and Science to be completed (brought in the for the first English, Maths and Science first lesson after half term)
  • w/c Monday 2nd November – Four weekly packs to be started in English, Maths and Science (to be brought every day to aid their revision)
  • w/c Monday 9th November – Mid-term check on progress on autumn one assessments
  • w/c Monday 30th November – First PPE week

Thank you for your support in this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully

Mr K Harris
Assistant Headteacher

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Year 7 Student Induction

Exams 2023

Supporting your child with independent study

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