Year 7 Student Induction

Miss Smith

Head of Year 7

Hi, I’m Miss Smith, Head of Year 7 at Moseley School and Sixth Form.

We appreciate that during these unprecedented times you may be feeling anxious about how to prepare for starting with us in September. Please be reassured that we will be in touch to provide updates and more information throughout the next couple of months.

We will be updating this area with all the important information you will need, ready for your child starting at Moseley School and Sixth Form, please continue to check this area. We look forward to welcoming you in September.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:

Student Handbook

The guide for new students, parents and carers at Moseley School and Sixth Form. The guide will give you a great insight into our school and hopefully answer any question you may have. View the guide here:

Virtual picture tour

Take a virtual tour and have a look around. We hope that this gallery gives you an idea of all the brilliant facilities our school has to offer, we can’t wait to show you around in person! Have a virtual tour here: 

School uniform

All students are expected to look smart and wear the correct uniform at all times during the school day. Details on our school uniform can be found here:

Summer School

Join in with our Summer School, have fun and meet new friends. Apply here:

Welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome message from Mr Bate

Induction films

A short message for our New Year 7 students starting with us in September 2021. From our students & teachers here:

Letters from our current year 7's

Our current year 7 students wanted to say Hi,  give you a few tips and wish you luck for starting with us at Moseley School and Sixth Form, you can read their letters here: 

New Year 7 Questions & Answers

If you have any questions about starting at Moseley School and Sixth Form you will find the answers here: 

Travelling to school

Information to help you plan your journey to school here:

Welcome pack forms

We will send out a welcome pack to all our new year 7 students starting with us in September these will be sent out soon: COMING SOON

Letters & Information for new year 7 students

Letters and further information can be found here: 

Mental Health Matters at Moseley

Mental Health and Well-Being matter at Moseley School and Sixth Form. As you move into Year 7 you will naturally have worries about all kinds of things, find out more here:

We are a silver rights respecting school

At Moseley School and Sixth Form we have a dedicated Unicef team of student volunteers, if you want to find out more then follow this link to get involved in our campaigns or activities and become a rights respecting ambassadors, find out more here: 

Please see a short film from Moseley School and Sixth Form. 

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