Dear Parents / Carers

I would like to pass on praise once again for our Year 8 students who have worked so hard during this recent isolation period. This time out of school would be incredibly damaging to their education and progress if they were not to fully engage in their learning online. Following feedback from the previous isolation period, Year 8 told us that they found the teacher guided live lessons more helpful. You will have noticed that there were much more this time around supported by their additional directed study tasks to provide some independent learning opportunities.

It has been excellent to see the greater majority of our students engaged in live lessons with teachers through the Teams platform, as well as the work they have done in their directed study sessions. Those who have not engaged will be making up time in afterschool catch up on their return to school.

In preparation for their return on Tuesday 1st December, students will need to make sure they have completed all their directed study tasks ready to hand in to their teachers if they have not already been submitted through Teams.

Having also been out of school for nearly two weeks, it would be good to take time this weekend to ensure their uniform, school bag, books and equipment, are ready for school on Tuesday morning. Please can you ensure that your son or daughter has a mask to wear in school and a spare in their bag as these are still compulsory in communal areas in all schools now and optional in lessons where students are all sat facing the front of the room.

Year 8 should enter through Gate A at the Reception Hub on Wake Green Road from 8.40am for an 8.55am start in lessons.

Please take time to talk to your son or daughter over the weekend to ensure they are ready and back in the right frame of mind to return to school. In school we remind our students that they need to follow the 3Rs to be successful: respectful, responsible and ready to learn.

  • Ready – A student who is ready to learn rarely has any time off school. They are well organised and plan their time to ensure that they are not late and that they bring the right equipment and books each day.
  • Respectful – A respectful student is proud to be a member of Moseley School and values their time at school, their education, the environment and the people around them.
  • Responsible – A responsible student is always very motivated and works well independently and in a team. They contribute to lessons and use their initiative.

We have really missed having Year 8 in school and the team are very much looking forward to welcoming them back on Tuesday morning.

Yours sincerely

Mr Bowler                                                                                                    

Deputy Headteacher                                                                                  

Mr Illingworth

Head of Year 8

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